Clouditalia Housing is a solutions portfolio for Carrier, Reseller, and ISPs that need to install their equipment (transmission devices, switches, routers, servers, etc.) inside a Clouditalia building, with a properly setup service room that can satisfy security and reliability requirements. Housing includes a wide range of options, from lease of equipped dedicated spaces up to turnkey solutions with racks configured to fit your specific needs.

Housing portfolio includes the following services:
  • Rack Housing: a rack or a fraction of it, powered and with a dedicated door having its own lock, configurable to host an increasing number of devices

  • Space Housing: a powered rack space equivalent to an ETSI (600*300*2200) rack or a standard 19’’ 600*600*2200

  • Cage Housing: a dedicated steel frame built according to your specifications, adequate to host a variable number of racks (at least three) with any equipment you may need. It has its own lock to guarantee you access in an exclusive way

Selection of PoP relies on careful inspection to ensure that buildings and services available to them meet the highest technological standards for secure and appropriate environments. PoP shall meet highest requirements for security, conditioning, fire prevention systems and power supply. Notable features are tall service ceilings, raised floors, diesel generators, uninterruptible power supply and any other device that can guarantee a high level of service to the Customer.


Clouditalia runs an extended proprietary network of Point of Presence (PoP), spanning over the Italian territory.
According to parameters describing the distribution of business activities in the territory, the following towns have been selected to offer the Housing service.

Trentino Alto Adige Bolzano
Lombardia Milano, Brescia
Friuli Venezia Giulia Udine
Veneto Padova, Treviso
Piemonte Torino, Alessandria, Novara
Emilia-Romagna Bologna, Ferrara, Reggio-Emilia, Parma
Toscana Arezzo, Pisa
Lazio Roma
Marche Ancona
Umbria Perugia
Abruzzo Pescara
Campania Napoli
Puglia Bari



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